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Architects architecting architectureSoftware Architecture Workshop

December 10-13, 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa



Indaba Hotel & Conference Center
William Nicol Drive
Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa

Workshop Description: Software Architecture Workshop

Pricing: 4-day Software Architecture Workshop: US$2,400.00

Workshop Registration: To enroll, please email

Ruth Malan's email


Help Me Decide

Can anyone enroll? Yes, the class is an open enrollment workshop, but we do limit the class size. Also, the Software Architecture class is targeted at practicing solution, software or application architects and technical leads, and managers of software architecture teams.

What does the Software Architecture Workshop cover? The Architecture class covers our Software Architecture Decision Framework™ (see ArchitectureDefinition.PDF), our Visual Architecting Process™ (see VisualArchitectingProcess.PDF), including architecture modeling, and the Role of the Architect (see ArchitectRole.PDF). Please see our book draft for a better idea of our approach to architecture.

Does the class apply to other architecture disciplines? The Software Architecture Workshop, as the name implies, focuses on software architecture, and uses UML as the visual modeling language, where it applies. Many of the techniques and concepts apply to other architecture disciplines, and we have had people from the related architecture disciplines take the class and find it valuable.

Is the class full? There are still places available. To enroll, please email Ruth Malan's email. Please tell your colleagues about this class. We'd appreciate it and you'll benefit from having more critical mass behind your architecting work!

When does the class start and end? We begin at 9:00am and generally end at 5pm except the last day, when we try to end by 4pm. We serve lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks.


Help My Manager Decide

What is the value of this class? Yes, there is some strength to the argument that architecting skills are learned from experience -- but the lesson is always much less costly when it is from someone else's experience! We have focused exclusively on software, system and enterprise architecture, effective architectural practice, and architecture teaching since 1995, and arguably lead the industry in synthesizing architecture experience into our approach to architecture and our training classes.

Who else should take this class? Having the entire team take the class is an effective way to establish a solid foundation of architecture concepts and practice.



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