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Workshop Overview

Enterprise Architecture Overview

Enterprise architecture is the high-level structure of enterprise systems. It can be viewed as a layered model:

What distinguishes enterprise architecture from architecture at the business unit and product/service level, is its enterprise scope. This allows enterprise architects to create an architectural platform that is the springboard for resounding competitive advantage. By focusing on strategic differentiators and working across the enterprise, there is a unique opportunity to create leverage and synergies, and avoid duplication and inconsistency across the enterprise.

Next open enrollment workshop: Chicago/Schaumburg, IL, July 18-21, 2016

Workshop Overview

The objective of this workshop is to learn:

If you are just starting out on your Enterprise Architecture project, we will also create a first cut at your architecture. If you are already working on your architecture, we will work on filling in gaps and improving the architecture.


What distinguishes Enterprise Architecture is its enterprise scope. It crosses internal organizational boundaries, and this presents opportunities and challenges. Our workshop alerts enterprise architects to the pitfalls inherent in such large-scoped, high-level efforts, and provides tools for being successful. It orients the project and the organization to achieving their strategic objectives through a minimalist architecture that is the foundation for significant competitive advantage. By focusing on the most strategic contribution, and creating "just-enough" architecture, the business's top technical assets, its architects, are not squandered on low-priority, low-return, attention-sapping activities.

Workshop Format

We use lecture time to cover key concepts and techniques, but we primarily "learn by doing." Much of the time is spent working in small groups. We also introduce you to the powerful tool of group graphical facilitation, demonstrating how to collect, organize and present the work of the entire group using graphic templates.

This is really as much a consulting engagement as a training class. You will get help in creating your current architecture, while at the same time learning an architecting process and associated techniques that you can apply on other architecture projects.

Architecture emerges around us


This workshop is designed for enterprise architecture teams. Often it is helpful to you and your organization to have others participate at certain times during the workshop. We will work with you to decide if anyone else should be encouraged to participate, and at what points in the workshop their participation would be beneficial.

This workshop is highly valuable as a key part of the kick-off to an architecting project. It is also useful to architecture teams who want validation of what they are doing right, and direction in areas they may be ignoring or over-doing.

Workshop Content

The workshop is a working session designed to create a good draft of your architecture and a plan for refining, validating and communicating the architecture. Lecture segments focus on:

The workshop covers key concepts and techniques for

as well as:


The Role and Responsibilities of the Architect

This section relates the responsibilities and associated skills and attitudes of the architect to the architecting process. To get a sense of what we cover, we recommend you read "What it Takes to be a Great Enterprise Architect," by Dana Bredemeyer and Ruth Malan. It is published by Cutter Consortium as the August 2004 Enterprise Architecture Executive Report. You can download a complimentary copy of this issue at


Dana Bredemeyer or Ruth Malan


In-house: Pricing depends on number of students taking the class. Please contact us for details.

US Open Enrollment: Enterprise Architecture Workshop: US$2,500.00

Note: We only accept a maximum of 16 participants, so register early to avoid disappointment. Lunches and morning and afternoon snacks will be provided, but workshop participants are responsible for dinners and their own accommodations.

We offer a 10% discount when you enroll 3 or more people from the same company in the same workshop at the same time. (We cannot retroactively apply the discount to people from your company who may already have completed the registration process.)


We will be holding an open enrollment Enterprise Architecture Workshop in:

On-site: If 6 or more people from your company would like to attend this class, you may find it more cost effective (taking travel costs into account) to hold the class at your company site. Please call us at (812) 335-1653 or email for pricing and schedule.

Suggest a venue: If there is a location and timing that you are particularly interested in, please let us know.

Cancellation Policy

Workshops in the US: We will refund the registration fee less a 5% processing fee if cancellations are made more than 30 days in advance of the workshop start date. Cancellations made 30 days or less from the workshop start date are not refundable. However, student substitutions may be made any time prior to the start of the workshop.

Workshops outside the US: We will refund the registration fee less a 5% processing fee if cancellations are made more than 6 weeks in advance of the workshop start date. Cancellations made within 6 weeks of the workshop start date are not refundable. However, student substitutions may be made any time prior to the start of the workshop.

All Please Note: We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any workshop if enrollments are below the minimum necessary to cover costs and provide good class participation. This rarely happens, and we will keep registrants informed if enrollments are low enough to cause concern. If we are forced to cancel for any reason (such as major personal calamity including severe sudden illness or injury), our obligation will be limited to a full refund of class enrollment fees or transfer of the registration to a future workshop.


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