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Architecture and Related Books List

What: Architecture

How: Architecting

Who: Architects

Why: Motivation

Where and When: Context

Role of the Architect Columns

- Architect: What's in a name?

- Who's Accountable?

- Architect's Charter: Complexity

- Quest for Great Architects

Architecture Training


What it Takes to be a Great Architect Class

- Chicago, IL, April 24-26, 2007

Software Architecture Class

- Palo Alto, CA, March 13-16, 2007
- Chicago, IL, May 22-25, 2007

Enterprise Architecture Workshop

- Palo Alto, CA March 5-8, 2007
- Chicago, IL, May 15-18, 2007


Architect Competency Development
Consulting Companies and Training Classes

Architect Skills: General

  • Bredemeyer Consulting's 3-day workshop on the Role of the Architect, focuses on architects and architect skill development, applying experience gained working with architects for more than a decade. The workshop covers
    - Leadership and vision
    - Strategy, innovation and competitive advantage
    - Organizational politics, networks of influence and persuasion
    - Consulting, facilitation and partnering
    - Architecture modeling
  • Bredemeyer Consulting's fast-track architect coaching program

Architect Skills by Topic

  • Architecting Process: Bredemeyer Consulting offers a 4-day workshop on Enterprise Architecture, as well as a 4-day workshop on Software Architecture, as well as other workshops and seminars. We also offer consulting and mentoring in areas related to software, domain, product line/product family, system and enterprise architecture.

  • Consulting Skills and Innovation: Pat Duran also worked with us in the same group at HP, and she too has recently left HP to form an independent consulting company. She has taught the consulting skills workshop extensively, and has worked with teams on product innovation, among other things.

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