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What: Architecture

How: Architecting

Who: Architects

Why: Motivation

Where and When: Context

Role of the Architect Columns

- Architect: What's in a name?

- Who's Accountable?

- Architect's Charter: Complexity

- Quest for Great Architects

Architecture Training


What it Takes to be a Great Architect Class

Software Architecture Class

- Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Jun 27-30, 2011

- Johannesburg, South Africa, August 22-25, 2011

- Orlando, FL, Oct 18-21, 2011

Enterprise Architecture Workshop

- Chicago, IL, Jul 11-14, 2011

- Chicago, IL, Nov 29-Dec 2, 2011


Architect Competency Development
Blogs, Essays and Websites

Each topic area below is organized as follows: resource sites, essays/articles, and blogs.

Architect Role and Skills: General

Architect Skills by Topic

Leadership, vision and teams

Strategy, innovation and competitive advantage

Organizational politics, networks of influence and persuasion

Consulting, facilitation and partnering

Technical topics, skills, architecture modeling

Loose Coupling

Dependency Inversion

Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection


Contracts and Protocol

Interfaces and Roles

Architecture Modeling and Architecture Documentation

Staying Current: Influence and Trend Watch


  • ACM's weekly email news service gives a broad-ranging scan of interesting tech developments and applications.
  • MIT's Technology Review:

Embedded Systems



Communications and Voice over IP (VoIP)

Long Tail

Rails and Ruby

SOA: Service-oriented Architecture

EDA: Event Driven Architecture

Open Source


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