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Software Architecture Action Guide

by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting, May 2006

A Note About the Book

We are writing a book for software architects that is short and oriented to guiding action. It has two parts, with the first part providing context and a guide to the process. The second part is the full set of Action Guides, one for each discrete technique, model or template that is used in the Visual Architecting Process.

We have other books in mind, but a distilled guide to our Visual Architecting Process is overdue! Brevity is a driving goal for this book. It has caused us to make choices, like pulling details on techniques and models out of the process overview and placing them in pithy "action guides", one per technique, model or template. This means that if you are not familiar with a technique or model that we make reference to, you will have to wait with baited breathe for the related Action Guide to appear.

Joking aside, we look forward to your feedback, but please take into account that you donít have all the pieces yet. We have chosen to put chapter drafts "out there" as quickly as possible so that you can have access to more information on the Visual Architecting approach, and we can have the benefit any input you are kind enough to take the time to give us.

Table of Contents

Part I: Software Architecture and the Visual Architecting Process

Chapter 1. Software Architecture: Central Concerns, Key Decisions

Chapter 2. The Visual Architecting Process: Good, Right and Successful

Chapter 3. Initiate and Gain Commitment: Getting Started

Chapter 4. Meta-Architecture: Getting Strategic

Chapter 5. Conceptual Architecture: Getting the Big Chunks Right

Chapter 6. Logical Architecture: Getting Precise, Making Actionable

Chapter 7. Execution Architecture: Getting Physical

Chapter 8. Architecture Guideline and Policies: Getting Specific

Chapter 9. Architecture Deployment: Getting Real

Part II: Software Architecture Action Guides

Here are some examples of what we call Action Guides:

See complete list of Visual Architecting Process Software Architecture Action Guides.


Invitation to Participate

We invite you to contribute templates and models that you find useful in architecting. If your contribution is selected for publication in the book, or on this web site, you will get proper acknowledgment.   

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Restrictions on Use

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