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About Bredemeyer Consulting

Bredemeyer Consulting provides a range of consulting and training services focused on Enterprise, Systems and Software Architecture. We provide training and mentoring for software architects, and typically work with architecture teams, helping to accelerate their creation or migration of an architecture. We also work with strategic management, providing consulting focused on developing architectural strategy and organizational competency in architecture.

Our Mission

Bredemeyer Consulting helps build architectural competency. We do this at the level of the individual architect, the organization, and the discipline.

Helping good architects become great architects

We inspire and encourage architects to greatness, by helping them to visualize what is possible, and see how to get there. We balance inspiration with a guide to action, providing the tools and techniques to help architects be successful. We build skills through highly participative workshops designed for practicing architects, senior engineers and managers. Our training classes cover the essential technical tasks of architecting (architecture modeling and specification, architecture tradeoff analysis, component design and specification, etc.) as well as architectural leadership skills.

Building organizational architecture competency

We work with strategic management to understand the desired and current levels of architecture competency, and design and deliver a competency development program. We help the management team understand the strategic benefits of architecting, how it relates to their business strategy, and how to set up architecture programs and make them successful.

We work intensively with architecture teams, helping to speed the architecture process. We offer consulting support through the stages of architecture team creation and chartering. Our intact-team training both builds skills and contributes to real work being done, getting the architecture project quickly to its first draft of the architecture. With ongoing consulting, we are able to contribute to the successful and timely completion of the architecture as well as the personal development of the architects as leaders and technical strategists.

Contributing to the discipline of Software Architecture

We are active in the general discussion of software architecture and related topics, speaking at conferences, writing papers, hosting the Resources for Software Architects web site, and writing a book (Software Architecture Action Guide) for Prentice-Hall. We helped pioneer this field, creating one of the first consulting and training programs in software architecture in the industry. We are constantly looking for best practices and patterns, and creating models and guides to understand and communicate software architecture techniques, principles and concepts. We are building an expanding portfolio of training courses, working towards a complete architecture curriculum that will help our clients meet the many-faceted demands of the architect role.

Our Vision

We believe that architecture is an important basis for competitive advantage--business strategy must be translated into an effective technical strategy that can be executed quickly. Our vision is to play a key role in helping organizations build their ability to do this.

Our Approach

We call our preferred style of consulting relationship-based consulting. We seek to form a long-standing relationship with a select group of clients, and work with all levels within that organization to transition the organization to their desired architectural capability. We do this in the context of real work on architecture projects, producing tangible results that demonstrate the effectiveness of the architectural approach.

Our Clients

Our clients include Global 1000 companies in manufacturing, investment and banking, telecommunications, retail and healthcare. We have worked with architects in product development, IS/IT/Business Technology, and manufacturing systems--around the world. These have included enterprise, system, software, data, hardware, and process architects as well as architecture team and program managers, General Managers and Vice Presidents.

Contact Info

Dana Bredemeyer, co-founder, Bredemeyer Consulting. email: dana at bredemeyer

Ruth Malan, co-founder, Bredemeyer Consulting. email: Ruth Malan's email