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Training and Consulting

Workshops for Architects and Technical Leaders

Our 4-day architecture workshops are designed to explore the architectural thinking that goes into system design, and technical leadership. In addition to custom formats designed around team needs, we offer the following workshops in-house, and for open enrollment:

We also offer system, solution and product design workshops for cross-functional teams (product owners, requirements/business analysts, UX designers, and architects and developers).

In addition, we help design and launch software, system and enterprise architect development programs. Our workshops form a keystone for a number of organization's ongoing architect development programs, which generally consist of some part training and some part mentoring.


In conjunction with 4-day architecture workshops, many of our clients also have us lead a 1-day seminar for managers, product owners and others who partner with architects, as an introduction to architecture and system design, including system thinking and analysis. It creates an opportunity to convene discussions around the various roles, their overlaps and respective responsibilities. We highlight the role of managers in organization and business architecting, and how the system architecture and the organizational architecture influence and constrain each other.

Open Enrollment Dates

Architecture Incubators and Strategic Facilitation

By combining an initial workshop and several subsequent working sessions and coaching, we assist teams in ramping up new product or service exploration and architecture work, or product platform architecture refresh efforts.

For major new initiatives, investigating new markets, phase changes in product evolution, such as the move to product platforms or solutions, and the like, we offer facilitation of strategic working sessions, and guidance on follow-up work. These sessions bring business, customer and technology understanding to the strategic discussion. This provides strategic direction and context for business capabilities and system design work.

Architecture Recapture, Reviews and Assessments

We facilitate various kinds of assessments, from review of early stage architecture, to "mid-life" architecture assessment against current and emerging requirements and architectural challenges. In the latter case, this may entail first helping the team surface architectural decisions embedded in the current system, and update the architecture documentation. It can be a blend of architecture (training) workshop and work on documenting the architectural design, learning what to watch for in terms of architectural thinking, and how to express it.

Coaching and Consulting

Our coaching and consulting work is quite varied, and ranges, for example, from working with architects and their teams, to working with management teams on strategic direction setting and organization design; from consulting on challenging situations such as architecting in the context of distributed teams and platform or product line architectures, to coaching architects through a season of their careers.

Conferences and Other Speaking

We speak at, and lead workshops at, various software and architecture conferences, and have keynoted at internal company conferences and other events.




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