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Architect Competency Framework:

Our Architect Competency Framework is under development. We are sharing these drafts of the framework, and the associated competency elaborations, with you. Please note that these are works-in-progress. We welcome your suggestions for improvement.

In each of the competency elaboration modules below, Level I identifies the knowledge, activities and characteristics needed for an architect to perform well at component scope, Level II at application/system project scope, Level III at product family or portfolio scope, and Level IV at Enterprise scope. We invite your feedback, suggestions and stories.

Visual Architecting Process Guides:

Example Software Architecture Action Guides™ by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer:

Example Architecture Action Guidesfor Architecture Teams by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer:

Use Case Template (use_case.pdf, 23kb) by Derek Coleman (HP)

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